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    Unique Higher Educational Guide to the LAWS of Sri Lanka. [ Read More ]

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    This brings into view our reckoning of time as related to our lives. [ Read More ]

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    System of HORA SHASTRA in Astrological Research.
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    Perpetual Calendar Wizard’s Research Centre.

Perpetual Calendar Wizard’s

Research Centre

The Perpetual Calendar Wizard’s Research Centre (PCWRC) is the initiative of “Perpetual Calendar Wizard” M.S.M Hussain (78). He is an Arts Graduate of University, Peradeniya and for some time has been lecturing at the University. He is an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Ceylon from 1967 and continued to be an Attorney-at-Law from 1973 of the Republic of Sri Lanka.

He engaged himself also in academic activities and among his contributions in this regard includes articles in the newspapers his Perpetual Calendar earned for him to be the “Perpetual Calendar Wizard” as reported in the Daily News of 25th December 1985, besides the press reports in Thinakaran 27th December 1985 and 14th February 1986 and the Divaina of 17th February 1986. In continuance of such research activities are the three publications for the books launched on 30th April 2011. Those publications are referable in terms above.

More photos of the Book Launching Ceremony